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LP Cladding: Unit 4, Commercial Lane, Newport, Gwent, South Wales NP11 6AN United Kingdom

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We stock a wide range of Fastening Systems including Self Drilling Tek Screws, Drive Nails and Sealants for use in the fixing of Metal Roofing and Cladding Sheets, Rooflights and Insulated Roof Panels to
your Purlins.

Our most popular sized Fixings and Sealants can be found below, but if you need advice as to what fixings you require, or would like to enquire about different sizes and types of fixing screw, please
contact us. We will be happy help.

No Order too Small or too Big

Self drilling Tek Screws

Rooflights and Insulated Roof Panels


Foam Fillers

A wide range of Rooflights


Roof Flashings

Flat Sheets

We deliver all over the UK
For all your delivery requirements call us on: 01633 961661/ 07964 683169